Notes on work dynamics and Product Management
Tell them WHY... WHAT and HOW just won’t cut it.
Doing your due-diligence and filling in the gaps can be a force-multiplier in your domain.
Notes from August 8-14, 2022
It’s good to be in the family of God By God’s grace, over the past couple of months we: Sold a house and and bought a house Moved across the state Joined a new church Welcomed our t…
The Shepherd-Prophet of Matthew 23-24 Reading through Matthew 23-24. Jesus equipped his disciples with practical knowledge for the coming days that they would have to face before (an…
Hostile takeovers, worldly heroes, and our freedom in Christ
Generational Habits🎙Listen now | Tracking work that matters. It’s been said that if we want something to get better, we have to track it, and this is true when we’re…
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Zach Lyons